Thursday, October 4, 2007

electric prom

i found this image puzzle created by hyper happen (with viral seeding by rubber republic) for bbc's electric proms.

apparently there are 80 artists "hidden" within it. someone else has done this before, but i can't remember who. i know it had smashing pumpkins though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie,
Hope you like the iPoster. One clarification: created by us - Hyper Happen - with viral seeding by Rubber Republic.
Cheers, Sam

P.S There are a few Easter Eggs, click on anything that says Camden Lock; have you found the indoor aquarium?

Rosie Siman said...

thanks for clarifying, sam!

Morgan said...

Virgin digital did two ads in a similar fashion. the print ad contained 70+ bands and the tv spot contained 60 song titles.