Tuesday, November 6, 2007

patrick moberg is the shit

my friend patrick moberg is pretty much one of the biggest rockstars out there.

in addition to taking care of my cats in middle school, and being an sushi expert, he is also an amazing graphic designer...

the other day he saw the girl of his dreams on the subway, and now he is on a quest to find her... here is the drawing that appeared on his blog, linking to http://www.nygirlofmydreams.com :

i told my mom about his endeavor, because, you gotta give it to him... it's pretty romantic. and she told me that a bunch of other websites were covering it, such as...
"Prince Charming Searches For NY Girl of My Dreams or Just One of the Million Other Sucker Girls Who Saw This and Were Like Awww"
"Help Patrick Moberg Find The NY Girl of His Dreams"
"NY Dream Girl Search Continues-- It Is Authentic"

and while this could border stalker-ish behavior, i can totally vouch for the guy--- so sweet, a little shy, and def. not a creeper.

(i mean look at how cute n' innocent he looks!)

the funniest thing is all these people keep claiming it's a "viral marketing campaign"... so i'm starting to think that a lot of people really don't understand viral marketing.

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