Tuesday, January 1, 2008

new years resolutions

living intentionally in 2008

- travel (lots)
- fall in love/ quit being afraid to fall in love/ quit hiding behind old loves
- exercise more
- walk chloe everyday (see above)
- be spontaneous
- listen to new music (& find bands I love)
- drink less coffee
- make new friends
- have more self-confidence
- save money (really)
- lose weight (really, really)
- go (move) to NYC
- admit my mistakes
- read more
- catch up with old friends
- go back to OA
- graduate!!
- impress my parents
- quit living my life for others (see above, ha!)
- food not bombs/ be more of an activist
- reduce consumption
- give lots of shit away (clean-up/can't take most of it to NYC, anyway)
- visit old friends, MacLean especially

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